IT equipment sourcing of a different stripe

Tiger Financial is a unique, alternative channel for acquiring enterprise computing hardware and network equipment at the lowest possible cost.

Since 2000, we have connected Fortune 1000 enterprises to an extensive selection of new and refurbished IT equipment, including mainframe and midrange computers, servers and storage. Tiger Financial also offers IT leasing services for equipment we provide as well as new equipment clients procure. We have the proven sources, expertise and objectivity to custom-create system packages that satisfy your performance and budgetary requirements. Tiger frequently saves clients 60%-70% compared to standard sales channels. In most cases, we provide the very same hardware proposed by vendor business partners – for a significantly lower price.

Flexible options – more favorable terms

Tiger aggressively scours our trusted global sources to hunt down the best deals. We create competitive leverage against the traditional manufacturer sales channel by offering refurbished or never-installed hardware for much lower prices and with more favorable payment terms. As a result, you get the exact mix of equipment you need with ultimate flexibility. Further, by leasing it, you can maintain predictable monthly costs while cycling out older technology – and minimizing budget hassles.

Trade in or sell older assets

If you are replacing equipment or have IT assets that are no longer needed, sell them to Tiger. Our worldwide network of buyers offers more resale opportunities at top dollar. What’s more, credit for your traded-in equipment further reduces your acquisition costs.

Experience the advantages of IT hardware sourcing on your terms – call Tiger Financial today! 972.503.5900